Why Rebrand

You may be wondering — what is driving ManhattanLife to rebrand? And why now? While we are known among industry insiders, there is still a broad policyholder and producer audience asking “Who is ManhattanLife?” or “Why should I choose ManhattanLife?” Our new brand and supporting brand stories are designed to answer these questions and clarify our unique value proposition.

Leveraging Opportunities Expanding Awareness

The timing of the rebrand is in part driven by increasing opportunities at hand and on the horizon. From expanding our product line and geographic reach to the strategic acquisition of voluntary benefits products from Humana, ManhattanLife is playing at a higher level and going up against bigger competitors than ever before. Regulatory bodies and large associations are seeking a better understanding of our credentials and product offering. And while many love us, there are still many that don’t know us. Therefore, we are repositioning The Company to expand our brand awareness and telegraph our unique value proposition. A stronger, resonant brand will help us all to capitalize on the opportunities ahead and increase name recognition and product interest among policyholders.

Affirming Life’s Aspirations

We are inspired by the new brand because it clarifies our true value proposition and speaks to what the “Life” in ManhattanLife is really all about. It’s not just about life insurance — it’s also about helping our policyholders attain and sustain the life affirmations of health, wealth and security. For Americans across the country and from all walks of life — from farmers and corporate workers to federal employees and union members — we bring financial strength, a reputation of reliability since 1850 and peace of mind that the faithful service of our Company can always be counted on.

The Value of Partnership

We know our business success with policyholders is only as good as the strength of our connection with you. You are critical to the continued prosperity of The Company and so we are proactive about being in the markets where you need us with the products that you want. You can count on us to answer the phone with a real time response, expedient issue resolution and quick and accurate claims processing. And we will continue to celebrate your successes and reward producer performance in creative and meaningful ways.

A Treasure Trove of Stories

ManhattanLife enjoys a rich history with colorful stories that demonstrate our independent spirit, track record of innovation and unwavering commitment to fairness. With the rollout of our new branding, we want to bring these stories to life — to share with you and for you to share.

Did you know? ManhattanLife has a history of “firsts”. We were the first to write a Family Life policy, an Accident by Travel policy and an Accident & Accidental Death policy. Another significant first, 50 years prior to the suffragette movement, ManhattanLife wrote the first policy for a woman in 1850. Outside the world of insurance, The Company was also blazing trails. In 1892 ManhattanLife commissioned the United States’ very first skyscraper. The 26-story structure was built at 66 Broadway in New York City and required a year to complete. Our revolutionary headquarters quickly became a prime sight seeing attraction.

“Our decision to rebrand aligns with both the celebration of our 170-year legacy and our desire to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities at hand.”