About The Tagline

We have evolved the tagline from “Since 1850” to demonstrate how we have lived by a singular, focused mission — honoring our word and promises and standing by policyholders and producers for 170 years.

Living Our Brand Promise

When it comes to insurance and annuity products, Americans from all walks of life have this in common: they want to know that when they have a claim they can count on their insurance company and its representative to come through. We understand from our vast experience that to make good on this need and stand by our policyholders, we must always stand by our producers.

A Reliable, Time-Tested Partner

ManhattanLife has a storied history that has consistently proved out that we deliver on our promise of standing by policyholders and producers.

Through domestic and world wars, outbreaks of plagues and multiple cycles of booms and busts, life has marched on in America. ManhattanLife has been there, diligently delivering on our mission. Being trusted to do so even earned us the reputation “Old Reliable” after the Civil War, when we sought out policyholders to ensure we met the needs of families of fallen soldiers. More recently, we were the only insurance company to challenge the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, advocating for and winning your right to sell fixed indemnity health insurance products. For 170 years we have shown we can be counted on, and our leadership intends to continue to live by these principles in the years ahead.

The Ultimate Differentiator

Being able to say “Since 1850” is impressive. Being able to say “Standing by You. Since 1850. ”and knowing that it’s tested and true is our ultimate differentiator. With messaging and stories to prove out the tagline, we believe our new brand positioning will bring you even greater success.

“We can all be proud of ManhattanLife’s rich history of industry firsts, reliability and commitment to standing by our partners and policyholders, since 1850.”